Graduate students

(past and present):

  1. Shmuel Sternklar, Ph.D. 1987. Thesis title: “Control of Laser Beams and Optical Information with Photorefractive Oscillators”; Presently Professor at Ariel University.
  2. Shimon Weiss, Ph.D. 1989: “Dynamics of Photo-Refractive Oscillators”, Present Position: Professor at the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Physiology (Medical School).
  3. Mordechai Segev, Ph.D. 1990: “Photorefractive Wave Mixing and Applications in Waveguides and Semiconductor Lasers”; Present Position: Professor at the Technion Physics Department, Haifa.
  4. Yoav Ophir, M.Sc. 1991: “Self Scattering of Light Beams and Formation of Short Pulses in Laser Arrays”. Present Position: Head of the Helmet Display Devision in Elbit, Haifa.
  5. Moshe Horowitz, M.Sc. 1991: “Filtering Behavior of Wave Mixing in Photorefractive media”. Presently Professor at the Technion EE Department.
  6. Ofer Werner, Ph.D. 1992: “Nonlinear Optics and Wave Mixing with Bacteriorhodopsin”; Present Position: Rafael.
  7. Ron Daisy, M.Sc. 1993. “Optical bistability and coupling at interfaces of nonlinear and linear media”. Present position: VP R&D Camero, Israel.
  8. Neri Strassman, M.Sc. 1993: “Light coupling to complex cavities and to fibers using nonlinear mirrors”; Present Position: El-Op, Israel.
  9. Michael Snowbell, M.Sc. 1993: “Interconnects and Coupling with Single Mode Fibers”; Presently with IBM Canada – Toronto.
  10. Ron Naftali, M.Sc. 1994: “Multi-mode Erbium-Doped Fiber: Laser realization, Properties and Complex resonators”; Present Position: CTO in Applied Materials Inc., Israel.
  11. Moshe Horowitz, Ph.D. 1994: “Photorefractivity, Fixing aspects and uses in Nonlinear effects and in fibers”; Present Position: Professor at the Technion EE Department.
  12. Yuri Mitnick, M.Sc. 1995: “Dynamics of Grating Formation in Optical Fibers”; Presently with a US high-tech company. Presently in a high-tech company in the Silicon Valley, USA.
  13. Aviad Peda’el, M.Sc. 1996: “Interference Induced Transparency in Saturable Absorbers and Fixing by Light of Waveguide Structures in Photorefractive Crystals”.
  14. Ron Daisy, Ph.D. 1997: “Dynamics in Nonlinear Fiber Optics Systems”.  Present position: VP R&D Camero, Israel.
  15. Amir Rosen, M.Sc. 2000. “Localization effects of light and their experimental verification”. Was a chief circuit architect in EZchip and then in Mellanox Technologies,and now CEO in Irani Ventures, Israel).
  16. Boris Vodonos, M.Sc. 2001: “Temporal Talbot Effect in Optical Fibers and its use for Mode-locking of Fiber Lasers with High Dispersion”.
  17. Ofer Shapira, M.Sc. 2001: “Localization properties of Light Propagation in an Array of Randomly Spaced Gratings in a Single Mode Fiber”; Presently Research associate at MIT, USA.
  18. Assaf Ben-Bassat, M.Sc. 2001: “Cascaded Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Dynamic Optical Filters by Gain Gratings in Fibers”; Presently with Intel.
  19. Shimie Atkins, M.Sc. 2002: “Temporal Talbot Effect and Related Dispersion Effects with Applications in Light Pulse Propagation in Fibers and Fiber Lasers”, Presently with Rafael, Israel.
  20. Ariel Gordon, Ph.D. 2004: “Statistical Mechanics Approach and Order-Disorder Phenomena in Nonlinear Many-Mode Optical Systems”; Was postdoc at MIT, then with Google, and now in Amazon Robotics AI, USA).
  21. Boris Vodonos, Ph.D. 2005: “Experimental Study of the Noise Effect on Pulse Formation in Lasers Following a Statistical-Mechanics Approach”. Presently in a high-tech company in the Silicon Valley, USA.
  22. Omri Gat, Post-doc, 2003-2005; Present position: Professor at the Hebrew University Physics Department in Jerusalem.
  23. Amir Rosen, Ph.D. 2008: “Dynamics of multiple light pulses and modes in lasers in the presence of noise”. Was a chief circuit architect in EZchip and then in Mellanox Technologies.
  24. Michael Katz, M.Sc. and Ph.D. 2010: “Thermodynamics like pathway of passively mode locked lasers including multipulse formation and external injection”. Was postdoc in UCSD and then moved to a high-tech company in the USA.
  25. Rafi Weill, M.Sc. and Ph.D. 2011: “Thermodynamis like pathway of passively mode locked lasers including multi-pulse formation and external injection”; Presently with Rafael and Technion.
  26. Pavel Grinberg, M.Sc. 2011: “Effects of Noise in Actively Mode-Locked Multi-Pulse Fiber Lasers”.
  27. Alon Schwartz, M.Sc. 2014: “Investigation of Arbitrary Noise Forms on Phase Transitions in Passively Mode-Locked Lasers”; Presently in the army.
  28. Gilad Oren, M.Sc. 2014: “Experimental study of condensation and phase-transition phenomena in actively mode-locked laser”; Presently in Soreq Research Center (SNRC).
  29. Gilad Laredo, M.Sc. 2016: “DFB fiber-end lasers with near surface coupling and sensing”; Presently with Rafael.
  30. Michael Zuhrahov, M. Sc. 2018: “Thermalization, bistability and classical laser light BEC in erbium-doped fiber cavities”; Presently with Intel.
  31. Yael Sourani, M.Sc. 2018: “The dynamics of wavelength switching and tuning by mode locking in fiber lasers”; Presently with Elbit.